Waiver Services

Beacon Place plans to offer for their participants:

Service Coordination
The Service Coordinator helps eligible persons to become waiver participants and coordinates their waiver services. When you become a waiver participant, you should remember that you are the primary decision maker in the development of your goals. Together with your Service Coordinator and other individuals that you choose, you select your service providers and other supports. It is your Service Coordinator’s responsibility to learn about you, your situation, and your goals.
Your Service Coordinator:

  • will meet with you in person at least once a month to go over your plan. A meeting will be held in your home at least once every three months
  • is responsible for making sure that your service providers provide what you need and want
  • must give you a copy of your service plan, service reports and contact information for all of your providers. This service will begin in your home.

Beacon Place Independent Living Skills Training and Development Services

The purpose of Independent Living Skills Training and Development Services (ILST) is to help you live as independently as possible. These services may include help with self-care, task completion, medication management, problem solving, running your household and money management. ILST services are used to help you become as independent as possible but are not long term. Our trained and experienced counselors will be available at a time that works for you (during normal business hours).

Structured Day Program Services

Structured Day Program Services are provided at the center and these services are focused on improving or maintaining your skills and your ability to live as independently as possible in a pleasant environment. These services may include activities that improve socialization; problem solving skills; supervision of, or assistance with, self-care; medication management; task completion; communication skills; mobility; transportation skills; money management skills; and the skills needed to maintain a household. Our structured day program is designed to be fun and age-appropriate. Your initial interview will help us discover which activities you enjoy and those activities will be incorporated into your plan. The program will be planned by a professional recreational therapist and designed to enhance the quality of your life.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Services (PBIS)

Beacon Place will offer you Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Services (PBIS), designed to help you if you have behavioral difficulties that put you at risk for not being able to remain in the community. If you have difficulty responding appropriately to events in your environment, PBIS services will help you to decrease the intensity or frequency of inappropriate behaviors and learn ways to replace them with behaviors that are more socially appropriate. These interventions will happen in the home.

Community Integration Counseling Services

Community Integration Counseling Services (CIC) are designed to help you manage emotional difficulties that can arise from living in the community. Counseling services may help you in relation to your other family members and friends. Beacon Place has several very experienced counselors available to assist you in this process.