Pictures of Our Highland Mills Site

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Our Highland Mills Site- Structured Day, Counseling and Future Medical Services 
Our Flagship Site- Our Beautiful, Relaxing Area Located in Highland Mills, New York in Orange County. Located 2.5 miles from Woodbury Commons.
Our Living Room at the Structured Day Program- A Place to Gather, Relax, Use WII
Our Main Room at the Structured Day Program- A Place for Art, Ganes, Activities and Fresh Meals Served Family Style
Our Library- A quiet Place to Relax
Our Executive Director Presenting at A Rotary Meeting
Our Ribbon Cutting
Thomas Enjoying Our Structured Day Program
Karen Having Fun at Our Structured Day Program
Halloween at Our Structured Day Program
Dawn Having the most UNO cards (46)  ever at Our  Structured Day Program.
Yes!!! Angel completes his one thousand piece puzzle!
A New Uno Record!!
Dunking for Donuts? Donuts on a String? What would you call it, what would you call this Halloween thing?
Holiday time at Beacon Place. Time to decorate and celebrate!!!
Brian working on his puzzle, 1,000 pieces!