For Families

Beacon Place recognizes that challenges affecting a family member affect the family. Our staff of dedicated, trained and expereinced professionals help clients and familes to cope with, address and overcome challenges in a person-centered environment.

Often we find that clients have had treatment at the time of an accident, condition or disability and that acute treatment ended and needs still remain. Clients and families can feel isolated, alone and unsure of what to do or how to obtain help.

Beacon Place is dedicated to closing gaps in service and addressing their needs. Sometimes we find that gains made in previous treatment are being lost or individuals need help to continue to move forward and maximize their potential. 

In our person-centered treatment we assess each client's needs, goals and past treatment to develop together a plan of action and treatment. It may include such issues as:

Coping with the effects of a TBI, stroke, trauma, problems with aging or disability
Communication Skills
Problem Behaviors
Family or relationship problems
Household management
Memory enhancement
Completing tasks
Problem solving
Medication management
Communication skills
Money management and budgeting
Transportation skills
Emotional needs raised by living in the community
Dealing with the changes that have occurred with family members
Depression, anxiety and the effects of trauma amd loss
Other needs you or your family may have

You don't have to do it alone, we are here to help. Call us or email us for more information.